I am Ninja Update Notice 7.14

2014-07-13 21:31:22

Dear players,


In order to alloweveryonetohave a better game experience, we will be performing an update from 2:00-4:00 AM on July 14, 2014. Operating mode isto restart the serverinstantly. You server may get disconnected for a short time.We apologize for any inconveniences caused and thanks for your constant support and cooperation.


Maintenance Range: All Servers


1. Optimized and added Server Opening Events

Adjusted the amount of some server opening events rewards.

Added new server opening events: Level Pack, Bookmark the Game, Top-Up Ranking, Tailed Beast Level and Investment Funds.

2. Optimized Newbie Epic Equipment

3. Spiritual Beast

Do you want to recruit Punta and Serpent?

Do you want to stand out?

You can boost attributes by training Spiritual Beasts.

Increasing spiritual beasts’level can boost attributes.

Spiritual beasts can evolve after their levels go up. Eventually, they can be evolved into red pets.

Meanwhile, you can take multiple spiritual beasts to the battle to boost more attributes.

Also, you can take their spiritual beasts along. They will be displayed in the main scene.

4. Rebel Attack

The most wanted S-rank ninjas are coming! Take up your sword and protect your home!

The Rebel Attack is available at the regular time every day.

The rebels grow stronger as more of them are killed.

Players killing rebels will randomly receive rewards: Silver, EXP, S. Ability, chests, etc.

If a player’s total damage exceeds the required amount in the server, all other players will obtain the extra attribute bonus.

5. Leaf Town Conquest

Grab your guild friends and have a killing spree!

Sign up at the regular time every day to join the Leaf Town Conquest.

Have cruel battles one by one.

Receive super rewards based on the personal point ranking. The higher the win streak, the more the points received.

Meanwhile, the top 10 guilds on the guild damage ranking will become the attackers in the Leaf Town Defense.

6. Leaf Town Defense

Every guild desires to be the strongest guild. Unite and defend your fort!

Only one guild can be the defender.

10 guilds will be selected from the Leaf Town Conquest to be the attackers.

Each player from the attacking side will fight players from the defending side.

Leveling up Leaf Town Defense within the guild can receive an HP bonus.

Guild Chests will be rewarded based on their guild’s ranking. The team leader will assign chests to team members.

Meanwhile, players will receive lush rewards based on their personal ranking.


1. Adjusted Newbie Guide frame and configuration,

2. Vitality (Both the acquisition and cost are magnified 10 fold. )

3. Changed the issue that S Weapon can upgrade in the early stage.

4. Optimized the win interface.

5. Optimized the feature of gradually opening the enhancement interface.

6. Optimized the character creation interface.

7. Adjusted tips of Auto Win and Advanced Janken.

8. Fixed the bug that texts could not be fully displayed in special effect of battle skills.

9. Added the tips of Claim Pay.

10. Added the button Skip to Treasure Map in the Ninja Club.

11. Added the button Skip to Ninja Rank to the Arena.

12. Added a material (equipment, accessories) replenishment function in the craft panel;

13. Optimized the HP bar of the Boss in the Suppress Beast event;

14. Optimized the Janken animation;

15. Adjusted the stage clearance full star system;

Thanks for your support of I am Ninja. We will continue to roll out more intriguing updates and fix all bugs, presenting you with the most genuine ninja world.

I am Ninja Operating Team

July 11, 2014