VIP Introduction

2014-05-14 21:21:01

VIP Overview:

1. VIP Function: Players can become VIP and obtain the VIP EXP by top-up. The VIP level will increase when the VIP EXP reaches the upgrading requirement.

2. How to level up VIP: After each top-up, you will get a certain amount of VIP EXP. When you get enough amount of VIP EXP, your VIP level will be increased.

3. VIP Benefits: The higher the VIP level, the better service and privilege you can enjoy from it.

4. VIP Function Interface:

I am Ninja  - Fight for the Honor with All Ninjas!

Function Brief:

Top left: Shows the VIP level and the amount of Gold required for the next level.

Top middle: Top-up bottom. Click it to top up.

Top right: VIP Coupon Chest. Shows the amount of coupons you will get at next level

Note: Daily VIP Coupon Chest can be claimed once a day.

Bottom half: Shows the different Privileges for each level of VIP players.